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24*7 Solution Available for your all Problems with in 24 Hour's All around the world-- 108 Shkati Pith in India

Venus in the Different Houses

Venus In The First House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Self

You harmonise in matters related to the self. That is, you take care in your appearance and have artistic taste. You are attractive. You appear to be someone who is fond of luxury and wealth. You present a charming first impression. Your general tendency in personal relationships is to harmonise and to balance. You find it hard to start things alone. You tend to prefer rich food and may not get enough exercise, which can impact on your health.

Venus In The Second House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Possessions

You enjoy your possessions and seek to own luxurious things. You take pleasure in your creature comforts. You have an easy going nature. When all is going well, you are generous, but when things are tight, then so are you. You value things in general, including yourself, in terms of what is artistic and beautiful. You tend to be somewhat passive in terms of income, and money comes to you, rather than you go out and find it. You also value security and safety, so you avoid anything risky. You may just your romantic partners in terms of what they give you, and you may tend to show your love for them through material gifts.

Venus In The Third House

Venus (to harmonise) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You harmonise in matters related to communication and thinking. Perhaps you are a charming speaker, using beautiful words. You may be involved in or like literature and writing, especially romantic. You have a beautiful mind. Your thinking may be in terms of values; that is, you may have a logic which equates what is right with what you consider aesthetic, just and fair.

Venus In Fourth House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Home

You enjoy your home life. You have an attractive home, where you welcome your friends. You are creative in matters related to the home. It is likely you had a beautiful childhood, and your upbringing may have been associated with artistic matters and environments. You attract people to your home and they are delighted to visit. You are sympathetic and pleasant at home in a protective and caring way. It is possible you are attracted to your heritage, ethnic origins or family history.

Venus In The Fifth House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Pleasure

You harmonise in the house of pleasure. You are attractive to members of the opposite sex. You enjoy romance and having a good time. You enjoy having fun, taking risks, parties, holidays and entertainment. Perhaps you like to gamble. You love children. You also love matters to do with acting and theatre. And you live for the applause. You are likely to be attracted to hobbies or interests generally, which may be of an artistic nature.

Venus In The Sixth House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Work

You harmonise in the house of work, health and service. You actually enjoy getting things tidy and in order and using procedures. You may enjoy arts and crafts, which often require hours spent on details and getting things right. You are good at getting different parts of an organisation working together and working like clockwork. You may be romantic at work, or work in an area such as art, fashion, and the like. You are a practical person for whom beauty is something you can perceive, something tangible. You may also be involved in issues involving health and nutrition. In these you are likely to have a procedure. And when dieting you might very carefully count the calories you consume. You do, however, enjoy eating, and might tend to be over-weight.

Venus In The Seventh House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Partners

You are harmonious with others, and may be very charming. You are concerned with justice and balance, and you particularly do not like injustice. You may have charisma and be a good speaker, and a harmonious persuader. You are good at bringing peace to discord. You tend to use compromise as a means of bringing about peace. You are probably very attractive as a marriage partner, and particularly good at pleasing and making happy your spouse. You may feel you need a perfect relationship and over-react to minor imperfections. You seek to have luxury and beauty in your relationship, both romantic and material and you seek a partner to give you these things. Because you tend to compromise, you might feel down-trodden and so you need to learn to stick up for yourself.

Venus In The Eighth House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Shared Resources

You gain pleasure from your partners resources, and may benefit through a legacy. You gain pleasure, generally, through other people's resources, and may have unearned income. At times, money and luxury may come easily to you. You enjoy physical pleasures and you are deeply emotional and passionate, but you might tend to hide this side of your nature. You are attracted to occult matters such as tarot, magic and fortune telling. You are also attracted to secrecy and secrets. You take great pleasure in uncovering secret matters. What is beautiful to you may be somewhat secretive, arcane and mysterious. You tend to harmonise deep hidden matters, perhaps of an emotional nature with with your conception of art. There may be things of the mind of which you are afraid, but which you can harmonise.

Venus In The Ninth House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Mind Expansion

You are attracted to long journeys into unfamiliar terrain, whether it be of the mind or in the world. Foreign matters may attract you. You may see beauty in foreign and exotic buildings, architecture, people and beliefs. You may enjoy travelling to new, distant places. Places, such as universities and churches also attract you. You are particularly good at dealing with people and advising them in matters such as medicine, psychology, law and medicine, or even on a casual basis. You may be involved or interested in such organisations as the United Nations and similar joining together of different people from many nations. You are likely to take a "big picture" view of things, if not a world-view or international-view. You are attracted to the idea of uniting diverse peoples or diverse ideas, in the arts or the sciences. You could also be involved in long-distance communications or publishing. And you like books. You may find long-journeys and far ranging harmonious thought romantic. And you might find people from abroad romantic. You take pleasure in learning and education of all kinds, and you seek perfection and ultimate answers, perhaps in a romantic way.

Venus In The Tenth House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Public Image

You look good in public, and you are a charming and attractive public figure, whether this means generally among those who know you, or on a grander scale. You are, however, likely to create the impression you can do more than you are able. You may be involved in a career that involves beauty, including art, beauticians, people who work in factories making beauty products, and also art dealers, antique dealers, and even interior decorators. You are likely, however, to be attracted to authority, for example, the police, judges, politicians and others in a position of authority. You are likely to be a champion of justice, and seek balance and reconciliation between different people or groups of people.

Venus In The Eleventh House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Ideals

Friends, supporters, customers - people who know you publicly are likely to think you are very attractive, either by looks or because of your charm and fairness. And you are likely to collect friends who are attractive or artistic in some way. You are attracted to ideas and groups that stress freedom, independence and justice. You see to balance conflict in a harmonious way. The money from your career is shown in this house. Because you are attracted to what is pleasant and comfortable, you may be self-indulgent, taking the nice and friendly option rather than what is more objectively appropriate. You tend to be a trusting person, but trust those people who seem nice - good looking, luxurious etc, rather than on more objective grounds.

Venus In The Twelfth House

Venus (to harmonise) in the House of Ends

You tend to conceal your emotional, artistic, sensual and political nature. You may pretend you aren't how you really are. You tend to hide your romantic relationships, and even feelings. And you might have secret lovers. You are attracted to spiritual matters such as inner peace, and may view it as a thing of beauty. You may attempt to harmonise your mind with your higher self. It is possible you feel you should be alone and to work in seclusion, but your social people-centred desires seem to conflict with this. You might hide these feelings from everyone, including yourself. It may be, that you have valuable skills or hidden talents related to harmonising with people, or artistic skills, etc, which you simply aren't aware of.

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