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About us

About us

Astrologyswami.com is the official website of Jagdamba Astro Point, Ludhiana. Jagdamba Astro Point is the proprietory concern started by Pandit Jatinder Sharma. Pandit jatinder Sharma is from the family of astrologers and has the experience of 30 years in astrology. Divine Blessings and his knowledge of Indian Astrology inspired him to start a website to serve the humanity through astrological solutions.

This program is launched with the purpose of extending the benfits of knowledge of astrology beyond limits to the people in problem, looking for the divine solution of their problems for business losses, career, family, love relations and so on. We are offering free consultaion services on phone along with paid services. Panditji is always keen in finding the best and educated astrologers to serve the people.

With this programme of Internet, we advert for millions and millions of people across the globe to access and benefit from his knowledge in their day-to-day problems, which was otherwise not possible.

We provide the Yantras, idols and other gems to help the people solve their problems and now have planned to provide through online shopping in astrologyswami.com. The purpose is to provide the best and rare astro items easily and at the lowest cost

Padit Jatinder Sharma

Jagdamba Astro Point.


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