Career Report

Career Report


Judging career aptitudes is one of the most difficult areas of astrology. Occasionally, a chart will offer a clear picture that makes it easy to see vocational direction. More often, however, it’s a mixed bag that defies simple categorization. Nonetheless, by following some basic rules of Vedic astrology (along with some Western ideas), we can catch a glimpse into the person’s probable areas of worldly engagement. And by using some of Jyotish’s unique timing techniques, we can predict when the most favourable periods for career advancement will be.


Career Horoscope helps to understand the specific working traits followed by individual person. Each person exhibits different traits. Some of them may be good in finance; some may be good in managerial skills. Career report helps to give convincing and accurate answers regarding this.

We respond to different work and place. Some of us like to work in the city which we live, some of us get the opportunity to work abroad. Our response to the different career orientation is affected by the zodiac signs. Sun signs carry a very great role in the shaping of our personalities. The things which are enjoyed by one person are not enjoyed by everyone. This differential response is due to the different sun signs.


If you want to satisfy your curiosity and want to know the future career prospect and growth then solve all your queries by the Career astrology report. Astrokapoor experts suggest unique remedies to solve difficult and chronic problems coming in the career prospect. Astrokapoor experts after analyzing the complete birth chart advices instant effective remedy to solve all your problems. It solves all the worries, tensions, troubles and upcoming dangers without harming any other aspect of life. These remedies are self-defensive and ward off the evils created by the malefic effect of any planets.


Certain planet makes a person inclined towards particular profession.


Exalted Jupiter – It makes a person, a man of letters, educated, scholar, preacher and teacher.

Exalted Sun – King, emperor, controlling and dominating all, writing, audit and accounts.

Exalted Moon – Prince of whales, writer, doctor, mathematician, industrialist, businessman and astrologer.

Exalted Mars – The commander in chief, General of the Army or police officer, Managing director and Head of any organization.

Exalted Venus – Jeweler, trader, fond of music, poetry and beautiful women, agriculturist, and householder of any kind

Exalted Saturn – Engineer, railway, timber merchant, builder, iron merchant, landlord, and head of the panchayat

Exalted Rahu – In charge of jails, police network.

Exalted Ketu – In charge of tourism, travels and transfers.