Inter-caste marriage

inter-caste marriage Specialist Astrologer

The inter-caste marriage among Hindus has now become very common in India but this was highly condemned till few years back. Hinduism consists of many castes and sub-castes and thus is strictly endogamous. As per the beliefs and societal norms, the traditional Indian society is expected to marry within their endogamous group. Until recently, any of the violation of this particular rule was considered as a serious offence. The astrological techniques are enabled to perform tricks which can very easily perform inter-caste marriage without many hurdles

inter-caste marriage types and  Astrological consultation


There are two major types of inter-caste marriage- Hypergamy or Anuloma and Hypogamy or Pratiloma. Marriage held between male of higher Varna or caste and women of lower varna or caste is called Anuloma and is still accepted in the Hindu society. When a marriage is held between men of lower Varna or caste with women of higher Verna or caste, then it is called Pratiloma which is not at all accepted in the Hindu society. If you are in love with a partner who do not belong to your caste, then it is wise to seek Astrological consultation from an expert astrologer in order to perform the inter-caste marriage without any hurdle.