Sarv Hitkari Mangal Yantra


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Sarva Sampan Gun Mangal Yantra- Ghar Me Rakhe Safalta Paye:-

Sarva Sampan Gun Mangal Yantra is understood as Mars Yantra in religious vedic astrology and Jyotish and a properly ready Mars Yantra is one in all the foremost powerful Yantras among the Navagraha Yantras. A Mangal Yantra is usually accustomed scale back the negative effects given by Mars and it's conjointly accustomed rectify some defects created by Mars consistent with religious writing Jyotish. Some religious writing astrologers conjointly suggest the utilization of Mars Yantra within the cases wherever Mars is functioning completely within the horoscopes, so as to strengthen Mars and find additional advantages from the additional powerful Mars.

A Mars Yantra is additionally employed by some astrologers to treat the folks plagued by black magic as some religious writing. Astrologers believe that a Mars Yantra is usually blessed by its ruling spiritual being Lord Hanuman who is the terribly powerful god and who will simply cure all types of magic. Except for these general things, a Mars Yantra is additionally capable of blessing the native with specific things that return below the particular significance of Mars within the horoscope of such native.

What is method Of Mangal Yantra Puja and Remedy?


This yantra needs to be worn or connected to a red thread with a gold coin. If you’re got an oversized yantra, you'll place it in your workplace or area. You’ll undoubtedly suspend it in your house too. The person must shower before he prays this yantra and conducts pooja each weekday. You need to face east whereas praying and singing. You would like to position the yantra on gold or silver plate and need to then place white flowers, incense sticks and diya lamps. With a decent dose of jiggery or any dry fruit can even function good Prasad. The regular worship of this yantra will certainly usher in auspicious results.

Mantra of the Yantra:-

"Om Angarakaya Namaha".

It is terribly helpful to cure the diseases like heat stroke, tension, fever, physiological condition issues, high or low pressure level, piles etc. that occur as a result of the malevolent position of Mangal within the horoscope of a native? If you're facing the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Mangal, it's counseled to use Mangal Yantra to appease Mangal.