12 Houses and Diseases

Twelve houses and diseases:
All the 12 houses in a horoscope represent human body parts and diseases related to them. Let us have a look.
1. First house represents self and longevity, total health, appearance and complexion, vitality, head, brain, face and skull of a native.
2. Coming next, the second house signifies right house throat, neck, mouth, teeth, gums, larynx, and gullet etc.
3. Third house symbolizes ears, shoulders, arms and hands, right ears and nerves etc.
4. Fourth house rules breast, chest, lungs, stomach, elbow joint etc.
5. Fifth house represents belly, heart, body vitality, spine, heart, liver, spleen.
6. Sixth house stand for digestive system, kidney, large intestine, colon, uterus and anus etc.
7. Seventh house signifies private parts, glands, buttocks, lower back, renal system, adrenal etc.
8. Eighth house represents scortum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, sex organs, venereal diseases, ovaries, prostate glands etc.
9. Ninth house symbolizes hips, thighs, knees, joints, bones, hair and back.
10. Tenth house represents, knees joints bones etc.
11. Eleventh house indicates calves, left ear, lymphatic system, feet, teeth etc.
12. Twelveth house represents left eye, lymphatic system, feet teeth etc.