Astrology in India

The calm and placid Moon enters Taurus, the sign of the bull today, having spent the last few days in Aries. The transit will make us slow down and concentrate on the things at hand rather than keep running aimlessly, say astroYogi astrologers. With everything happening at such a fast pace we crave for some quiet now. However, do not ignore your responsibilities altogether because this will only add on to your pile of work ,which will then put you under pressure. The influence of the Taurus Moon causes us to act stubbornly. But, we must remember that being adamant on what we want, even when we are wrong will only cause others to think negatively of us. The right balance can only be achieved if you are open to others perspectives as well. To put it simply, go a little slow and even though you find yourself under the burden of responsibilities, it is better to take things one at a time.