Sun in Eleventh House

Sun in Eleventh House
This position is excellent for material welfare of the native. The Sun here is an indication of successful investments and good income from them. It also ensures realisation of ambitions. The native is likely to acquire wealth.
This position is harmful to the eldest child. It is likely to cause mental disquiet to the native on account of his children. It promises success without much effort, good reputation and position. The native may not be friendly with politicians.
The wife of the native will be good looking. His friends be highly placed and the native will gain through their help and support, He will have favours from his superiors and will be in the good books of the government. It will give results of its placement in the first house to the elder sister /brother, in the fifth house to his wife, and, in the ninth house to the younger sister /brother of the native..
This position is not good for the health of his mother. Sun in the eleventh house is excellent for the welfare of his maternal uncle.