Sun in Tenth House

Sun in Tenth House
The Sun, when favourable, in the tenth house makes the person intelligent, learned, famous, wealthy, and self-confident. He would earn his livelihood by doing mental work. He would be a leader of men and will be successful in his career. Such a Sun will give success, respect, repute and fame to him.
The native will earn well through his profession and he will hold responsible positions, may be in government as well. He may be concerned over matters relating to his mother. His relations with his father will be satisfactory and the father will be long lived. He may live away from his relatives.
Be that as it may, even by holding high position- the native may have an ungovernable or worried mind throughout his life. He may live at a place away from the place of birth-. The native will find his 22nd and 70th years as particularly fortunate. It will give results of its placement in the second house to the father. It is an excellent placement for the children of the native. the eldest Child may become a doctor .
If the Sun is the owner of third house, and Mars is weak in the horoscope, the native may not have younger sister /brother.
If Mars is afflicted in the combination just described above some of the younger sister /brother may die at an early age. The elder brother or sister of the native may not be rich. It will give results of its placement in the fourth house to his wife and in the second house to his father.