Sun in Eighth House

Sun in Eighth House
This position is an indicator that the native would suffer from eye trouble, particularly in the right eye. The native will be susceptible to fevers. He will hardly have friends and his rela­tionship with his father would be tense. His health however will be good though the span of life may not be more than medium.
This position of the Sun can lead to separation from the family, loss of wealth, miseries and heavy expenditure. The native is likely to have tendency to sexual promiscuity especially with foreigners.
The native will get inheritance or money by way of legacy through his wife. In the horoscope of a female this shows widowhood. The native may die committing an act of heroism. He will face critical time in his middle age.
The native may die of fever, or fire. A well disposed Sun may make the native scholarly or to have deep interest in the occult subjects.