Sun in Seventh House

Sun in Seventh House
With this position of the Sun, the sexual urge would be strong in the native and there would be certain amount of restlessness in him. A weak Sun will be indicative that problems with regard to his marriage may arise later in life and the wife of the native may not keep good health. She will be dignified and proud.
Even a slightly tainted Sun can be troublesome for marital felicity and harmony for the native. The native can suffer from humiliations and insults due to women. He may antagonise the Government. His younger sister /brother may have troubles from his children, or he may not have children at all. The native may go abroad..
The native may have problems with regard to his business and partnership. He will have intestinal trouble and colic. A good Sun will make the native successful after marriage, popular and gain through partners. The native will be able to resolve matters by arbitration and will thus avoid litigation.
This is a good position of the Sun for the children and father of the native. It will give results of its placement in the third and eleventh houses respectively to them.