Sun in Sixth House

Sun in Sixth House
This Sun in the 6th House indicates that the native would take up service at which he would perform well, help others and have a successful career. He is likely to take up medicine or chemistry as his special branch of study.
The native will be troubled by his enemies but will successfully overcome them. Though the native will have good vitality, he would generally be concerned over his health. Financially he would be well off. The health of the wife of the native will not be good. There would be danger to the native from quadrupeds. His mother's family will have problems.
The mother of the native may develop strained relations with her younger sister /brother during the major-period or sub-periods of the Sun. The native will have a heightened sexual appetite. This is considered a good location for the Sun. The native will be susceptible to fevers and eye trouble early in life.
A weak and afflicted Sun may cause the native to suffer humiliations at the hands of his enemies and he may lose in litigation. It will give results of its placement in the second house to his children. A benign and powerful Sun shall be excellent for the progress of native's father in service.
It is possible , depending on horoscope of father of the native may be in service of a foreigner. Such a Sun may make the elder sister/brother of the native learned in occult matters.