Sun in Fifth House

Sun in Fifth House
The Sun, if weak and afflicted, in the fifth house leads to strained relationship with the children or their premature death. Though the native would be very intelligent, he would be given to love affairs which can bring dishonor to him.
The native may make risky and unproductive investments. He will be of anxious dispo­sition. The native is likely to suffer from heart and stomach diseases, particularly so if the house and Leo are also afflicted and weak. The Sun in Navamsha owned by a malefic planet and the owner of the badly placed, will severely curtail the longevity of native’s father.
Be that as it may, powerful Sun will bring the native into contact with highly placed persons who will be friendly with him. The native is likely to be scholarly and have a few elder brothers. An elder brother of the native will reach a high position in life.
The native’s younger sister/brother will do well in life. Results of the 4th house shall be reaped according to the position of the Sun-whether debilitated or exalted or having malefic influence specially of Rahu and Ketu.