Sun in Fourth House

Sun in Fourth House
The native would be an employee of the Government. An adverse Sun in the fourth house leads to difficulties in relation­ship with the mother and natives boss. He will not generally be happy in life especially at the close of it, would not have peace of mind and would do away with his property if the Sun occupying this house is weak.
However, this Sun is not good for the wealth of native's father and that of his younger sister/brother. He may suffer from high blood pressure and heart trouble. There would be several changes of residence. A powerful Sun will bring success to the native abroad. He will realise his ambitions.
The native will have immovable property and will be highly educated. The native would have honour towards the end of his life. This position is good for the native's wife. She may be of a good and pious conduct or be highly placed in life depending upon the influence that the Sun receives and on the sign in which it is placed.
This position of the Sun in the fourth house is not good for native's children. They may have stomach, eye or heart trouble or they may lead an inconspicuous life.