Sun in Second House

Sun in Second House
The Sun in the second house, if adverse, makes the person struggle for money and may have to face confiscation of wealth and property by the Government. Such a Sun will make the younger sister /brother of the native not well disposed towards his father.
The Father of the native will be in service, not very rich, and weak in constitution. The younger sister/brother may either have physi­cal deformity or trouble in his eyesight. The sibling may also not be morally upright and may be deprived of children
On the other hand if the Sun is favourable, well placed and powerful it can make the native very wealth. He may gain from government and by trading or dealing in copper, gold and other metals. He may have diseases of the mouth and face. He will find it difficult to learn things and he cannot express himself well. His relations with his immediate family may be unsatisfactory. If the Sun is well placed here it will confer favour of the superiors, inheritance, and good eye-sight. Such a Sun will bring wealth to the mother of the native and very high position and riches to his children.
The children of the native will be of good conduct. His wife will face a critical time in her middle years. A good Sun with powerful second house will be favourable for the wife who may also expect a legacy.